4 Top Android App Development IDEs in 2020

At the beginning of the mobile application development market, the iOS apps gained high momentum and were the only restrictive player. But later, the evolution of Android operating system brought a revolution in the market. The main reason behind the rapid growth of Android app development is its IDEs.

What is an IDE?

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a comprehensive solution that allows mobile app developers to perform the software development cycle rapidly. This development cycle comprises designing, coding, compiling, and testing and debugging the code.

For fueling the Android app development services and process, mobile app developers are recommended to use IDEs. So, here we have outlined the best free IDEs for mobile app development.

Android Studio

Android Studio, developed by Google, is an all-encompassing integrated development environment that helps app developers to build robust apps. This IDE accelerates the app development process without comprising on quality.

Android Studio is deemed the best IDE because of its features like a flexible build system, intelligent code editor, smart code editor, intuitive visual layout editor, real-time profilers, and APK analyzer. It works just like any other Java’s integrated development environment in terms of file hierarchy and error investigating.


Eclipse is a free-open source integrated development environment used for creating apps in Java and other programming languages. This IDE holds a vast community and has plenty of plugins and configurations. Eclipse is also a sought-after IDE as it offers a robust and feature-rich tool to Android app developers for building advanced applications.

Visual Studio

Visual is Microsoft’s IDE that is often regarded as one of the best IDE for Android app development. Equipped with powerful tools for swift coding, this integrated development environment allows developers to create appealing mobile apps and test different functions. Besides, this IDE provides analytical data to Android app developers, helping them to improve the app speed and fix bugs quickly. Using Visual Studio, developers can create high-performance and bug-free applications with intuitive user experience.


Arduino is an IDE that runs on Java with inbuilt functionalities that facilitate editing, compiling, and debugging code in the environment. If fuels app development for different types of operating systems, including Android, and eases the code compilation. Arduino is incredibly a newcomer-friendly integrate development environment.

Final Words

There are numerous app development IDEs available in the market, and we have explained the best of them to help you create the best Android apps. With the increasing demand for Android app development services, it has become difficult for the apps to penetrate the market and stand out. So, to overcome this challenge, choose your IDE wisely!

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