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With the evolution of the internet and other technologies, online shopping on e-commerce applications has exploded lately. Mobile apps have developed a strong bond between businesses and their customers. Shoppers or customers are thrilled with using e-commerce apps to suffice their shopping requirements. In this blog, we are listing 8 key features that every e-commerce app should have, to offer the best customer experience.

If you’re planning to create an e-commerce app with the help of React Native app developers and take your business to the next level, you’re in the right place.

So let’s dive in..

Features of an E-Commerce Application

Registration Process 

Registration is the initial step to use your e-commerce app. Welcome your users by enabling them to enter only the necessary information in the fields and facilitating the registration process.

Multiple Payment Options

Most users are doubtful about online payment as it involves bank account details. Offer them secure and reliable payment options like debit/credit card, Google Pay, PayTm, Razorpay, PayPal, etc. to steer clear their doubts.

Push Notifications

Push notifications act as a reminder when you run a loyalty program, launch a product, or customers leave products in the shopping cart. It is believed that most users visit an application when they receive a notification. Thus, you can generate more sales by informing customers about various events and stay engaged with them.

Filters and Search Options

Filters can narrow customers’ search & help them find their favorite items from the app’s inventory. Integrating this feature can save the time of your customers and boost their satisfaction.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a robust tool to enhance your brand recognition through word-of-mouth. Loyal customers happily share their favorite apps with their friends or explain their experience on social media platforms. So, integrating platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into your app will allow your customers to spread a word about your brand.


For React Native app developersmatching the application with the website is a tedious task. So, synchronization is the most adopted way to save time and effort. It automatically makes changes in the app that developers make on the website, which eventually eliminates the need for doing the same task twice.


By tapping on the wishlist button, customers can save the products they need for later. They can also check them or purchase them anytime. We recommend that you notify customers when there is a discount or deal with the products they have wishlisted if you add this feature to your app.

Easy Checkout

Easy checkout can decrease your cart abandonment rate by up to 20%. A fully optimized checkout feature will save the customers details like name, address, and payment mode, allowing them to check out hassle-free.

Final Words

These are some of the key features of an e-commerce app that can help you improve your customer experience as well as the bottom line. We recommend you to hire React Native app developers to quickly build a high-performance e-commerce app and step into the market.

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